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H-E-B Local Partnerships

We take great care and pride to bring you the finest Texas products. That's why we partner and support local businesses. You may recognize some of them on your favorite products from Kiolbassa, J Bar B Foods and more. We trust only the finest businesses to carry the H-E-B name.

J Bar B Foods
Waelder, Texas
The Janecka family has owned and operated J Bar B Foods since 1959. Over the years they've perfected their signature slow-smoked flavor that only comes from cooking over natural hardwood for up to 18 hours. Since 1989 H-E-B has been partnering with J Bar B Food to bring you H-E-B Fully Cook Brisket and sausages.
San Antonio, Texas
Founded in 1949, Kiolbassa produces customer favorites like H-E-B Premium Smoked Sausage and Chorizo. These sausages are natural hardwood smoked for four hours for true Texas flavor. Plus, Kiolbassa sausage is gluten free and made without MSG or fillers.
Waco, Texas
Cargill has been a family owned business since 1865. For the last decade, we've partnered with Cargill on products such as H-E-B Fully-Cooked Bone-in Oven Roasted Turkey, Smoked Turkey and Cajun Turkey. Cargill also supplies H-E-B Texas Turkey. These birds are raised and processed in Texas.
JK Paty Meat Company
Dallas, Texas
In the 1970s, after 30 years of providing premium meats to restaurants, JK Paty Meats began supplying ground beef and premium fillets to Dallas area grocery stores. This family owned and operated business specializes in top quality, hand-cut, hand wrapped, vacuum packed beef. H-E-B has been partnering with JK Paty Meats for over 20 years to bring you H-E-B Texas Original Fillets and most recently H-E-B Texas Choice Beef.
H-E-B Local Partnerships