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Julie Carter, Nutritionist

Julie Carter
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Julie Carter is an H-E-B Nutritionist located in the San Antonio area. A self-proclaimed foodie with a passion to share her enthusiasm and knowledge of food, Julie joined H-E-B in 2009 as a Cooking Coach Specialist in Cooking Connection at the Alon Market. During that time, she returned to school to follow that passion and received a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition & Foods from Texas State University.

Julie's love of food and drive for health and wellness started at a very young age. As a young girl she was exposed to the devastating costs of obesity related diseases losing one grandparent to diabetes and two others to cardiovascular disease. Her desire to make a difference not only in her own family but within the community has grown immensely over the years and especially after the passing of her own child who lost her battle with Bulimia two years ago.

Julie believes that you can be the best "you" with small daily lifestyle changes that do not need to be complicated or a chore, and can actually be fun! With a little direction, desire and dedication, Julie aspires to help those in our community achieve their personal goals.

Julie, her husband and their four year old son are on their very own journey to living the healthiest lifestyle they can by cooking, eating and exercising together on a daily basis!

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