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What's your summer style?

Get the party started this summer with your unique style. From rhinestones to pearls, Texas girls know how to sparkle this summer.

Blooming Beauty
Your lovely personality helps you charm everyone you meet. A blooming beauty, you always know how to put together the perfect outfit for any event. Be sure to have some layered necklaces and statement pieces for all your summer soireés.

Caribbean Queen
Not your average beach bum, you glam it up everywhere you go. Endless blue waters and white sandy beaches are essentials for your perfect day. Compliment your on trend swimsuit with colored crystals and a signature bracelet.

Vintage Princess
It might be the time for rich colors, but you are always beautiful in pastels. You have an eye for beauty and love creating unique outfits. Stock up on strands of pearls to go with everything in your closet this summer.

Sun Goddess
Who needs bronzer when you glow all year long? Knowing how to accent your natural beauty helps you steal the spotlight everywhere you go. Find some distinctive pieces to work into your style; leather accents, bangles, feathers all look good on you.

Girly Girl
Always sweet, yet confident and daring, this girly girl will make you eat your heart out. Your closet is full of coordinating pieces that look chic in summer heat. Look for geometric designs on your accessories to finish off your look.

Every season your wardrobe is effortless and in the summer heat you are always a classic beauty. Chiffon, silk and cool cotton are staples in white with accents of color. Work some rose gold into your accessories to make a statement.

Summer Chic
No sense in hiding indoors now that the weather is warmer, it's time for summer adventures. Your bold colors make you a stand out and the life of the party. Pick up some statement necklaces to really jazz up your outfits.

Texas Sweetheart
Texas summers are nothing to complain about, the longer days mean more fun in your boots. Your lively and daring spirit shows with your worn in jeans and southern charm. A rhinestone summer is in store for you.

Summer Bride
Summer romances come and go but this love is for real. Everything is wonderful when you are bride and you have a glow even when you're stressed. Find the perfect hair accent for your perfect day that includes rhinestones and pearls.

You're more brilliant than the summer sun at noon and you always let it show. You are sassy, outgoing and always on point, just like your style. Silver jewelry is your best accessories- bangles, tiny rings, chin links and hoop earrings, you rock them all.

What's your summer style?