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Jalapeno Pineapple-Glazed Salmon

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Quick and easy

Quick and easy


Prep Time:

15 minutes

Cook Time:

15 minutes


6 servings


•  Glaze:

4  H-E-B Sabor Tradicional Pickled Jalapeños, stems removed, seeded and chopped

1/2  c.  H-E-B Pineapple More Fruit Spread

1/2  c.  fine chopped red bell pepper

2  Tbsp.  H-E-B Brown Sugar

6  (2 1/2 lb.)  Atlantic salmon fillets

•  salt and pepper


Heat gas or charcoal grill to 450°F. Line sheet pan with foil and top with grilling mesh sprayed with nonstick cooking spray. Set aside.

Combine jalapeños, pineapple spread, bell pepper, and brown sugar in a small microwave-safe bowl. Microwave on high power for 1 minute. Divide glaze, reserving 1/2 for serving with salmon. Set aside.

Place fillets skin side down on prepared grilling mesh, season with salt and pepper to taste, and brush with 1/2 of prepared jalapeño glaze. Grill salmon with lid closed for 10 minutes. Brush fillets with more sauce, grill with lid closed for 5 more minutes and discard remaining glaze.

Serve fillets with reserved jalapeño pineapple glaze and enjoy!
Nutritional Information
Serving size: 1, Calories: 320, Total Fat: 12g, Saturated Fat: 2g, Cholesterol: 105mg, Sodium: 220mg, Carbohydrates: 13g, Sugar: 11g, Protein: 38g
My H-E-B Texas Life Magazine

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