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Grilled Chicken, Cheese and Pesto Sandwich


Quick and easy

Quick and easy

Quick and easy

Prep Time:

5 minutes

Cook Time:

10 minutes


4 servings


8  slices  bread

1/2  lb.  thinly sliced deli chicken

8  slices  cheddar or American cheese

3  Tbsp.  pesto

1  Tbsp.  butter or margarine


Assemble sandwiches, starting by spreading 1 teaspoon of pesto on each bread slice. Place equal amounts of chicken slices onto 4 bread slices and cover with 2 slices of cheese. Top with remaining 4 slices of bread.

Spread butter or margarine on both sides of the sandwiches.

Grill sandwiches in non-stick skillet over medium heat until both sides are golden brown and cheese is melted.
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