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Baked Fish Mexicana in Foil Packets



Quick and easy

Quick and easy

Quick and easy

Prep Time:

15 minutes

Cook Time:

20 minutes


4 servings


4  pieces  H-E-B heavy duty foil 18 inches long

1  cup  H-E-B Instant Long Grain Rice or instant long grain brown rice

1  bag (16 oz.)  H-E-B frozen steamable prince edwards medley green bean stir-fry or broccoli stir-fry vegetables

4  FISH FILLETS (7 oz e  Cod, turbot halibut or salmon*

1  cup  H-E-B Fresher Lasting cooking sauce: cilantro, chipotle ranchero or chile picado


Heat the oven to 450F. Crease the foil in half and open. Fold the edges of the foil up 1/2 inch to keep liquids in while preparing.

Spray each foil heart with non-stick cooking spray and fill with 1/4 cup Instant Long Grain Rice and 1 cup of the vegetable blend next to the creased center of the foil. Cut each fish fillet in half and place the 2 pieces of fish over the vegetables in each packet (overlap the thin edges of the fish fillet to make one fillet of same thickness).

Spread 1/4 cup cooking sauce over each packet and add 1/4 cup WATER. Fold the foil closed and seal the edges.

Place the four packets on a large baking sheet and bake on the lower oven rack for 20 minutes (depending on the thickness of the fish fillet). Slide each foil package on serving plates and enjoy
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Created 07/31/2009
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