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Roasted Sage Rosemary Turkey

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Quick and easy


Prep Time:

30 minutes

Cook Time:

3 1/2 to 4 hours


12 servings


Bacon Sage Seasoning:

4  H-E-B Ready, Fresh, Go!® Garlic Cloves, chopped

4  slices  H-E-B Sliced Bacon, chopped

1/4  c.  H-E-B Grated Parmesan Cheese

1/4  c.  H-E-B Olive Oil

2  Tbsp.  fine-chopped shallots

1  Tbsp. each:  chopped fresh rosemary and sage

2  tsp.  fresh ground black peppercorns

Roast Turkey:

1  (11-12 lb.)  turkey, thawed 2 to 3 days ahead in refrigerator

•  salt and pepper, to taste

4  fresh sage sprigs

4  fresh rosemary sprigs

2  Tbsp.  H-E-B Olive Oil

2  c.  Hill Country Fare Chicken Broth, fat free


Blend bacon sage seasoning ingredients in food processor for 30 seconds to consistency of a coarse spread. Place in a sealable container and refrigerate for 1 hour or overnight. You can make this 2 days ahead.

Remove turkey neck and giblets from turkey cavity and set aside. Rinse turkey and pat dry inside and out. Heat oven to 325°F. Set oven rack to lowest position. Place baking rack in roasting pan and set aside.

Season cavity of turkey with salt and pepper to taste. Spread 2 tablespoons of bacon sage seasoning in cavity. Use fingers to carefully loosen turkey skin, starting from the cavity to the neck and moving to the thighs and drumsticks. Spread bacon sage seasoning under skin all over the turkey. Fill turkey cavity with 4 sprigs of sage and 2 sprigs of rosemary. Tuck wing tips under and loosely tie legs together. Place turkey on roasting rack. Rub turkey with olive oil, season with salt and pepper. Add 2 cups of chicken broth, turkey neck, and giblets to roasting pan.

Roast turkey uncovered for 3 to 3 1/2 hours or until internal temperature of thigh is 175°F. Transfer turkey to a platter, cover with a sheet of sprayed foil and several large towels. Allow to rest for 30 to 40 minutes before carving.
Nutritional Information
Calories: 259, Total Fat: 12g, Cholesterol: 100mg, Sodium: 250mg, Carbohydrates: 2g, Dietary Fiber: 0g, Sugar: 0g, Protein: 33g
My H-E-B Texas Life Magazine

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