Teenie Tiny Twice-Baked Potatoes

Prep Time:
30 minutes
Cook Time:
20 minutes

My H-E-B Texas Life Magazine, December 2013


16Mini Red or Yukon Gold Potatoes,

1Tbsp.olive oil,

1Tbsp.chives, chopped,

1Tbsp.Greek yogurt,

1 tsp.garlic, minced,


1 tsp.chopped dill,

1oz.smoked salmon, finely chopped,



11 Preheat oven to 400°F.

2Toss cleaned potatoes with olive oil and place on a lined baking sheet. Bake approximately 30 minutes or until fork tender.

3When potatoes are done, remove from oven and let stand a few moments until ready to handle.

4Cut potatoes in half lengthwise and remove the small rounded edge of the potatoes so they will stand upright without tipping. Remove a teaspoon or so from the center of each potato and add to a bowl with chives, yogurt, garlic, salt, dill, and salmon. Mix until combined.

5Add mixture back into potato shells, return to baking sheet, and bake an additional 15 minutes.

6To serve place a small amount of caviar on top of each potato.

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