Raspberry-Yogurt Breakfast Crepes

Prep Time:
25 minutes
Cook Time:
15 minutes
16 crepes

My H-E-B Texas Life Magazine, May 2010



3H-E-B Large Eggs,

1 1/2c.H-E-B Fat Free Milk,

1 1/2c.H-E-B Baker's Scoop All Purpose Flour,


1/4c.H-E-B Granulated Sugar or Hill Country Fare 0 Calorie Sweetener,

6Tbsp.H-E-B Butter, melted,

*Hill Country Fare No-Stick Butter Spray,


1 1/2c.H-E-B Part Skim Ricotta Cheese,

1 1/2c.H-E-B Non-Fat Vanilla Yogurt,

2c.fresh raspberries,

1/4c.H-E-B Powdered Sugar,

1/3c.H-E-B Chocolate Syrup,


1Mix eggs and milk in food processor or blender for 30 seconds. Add flour, salt and sugar and blend for 30 seconds. Add butter and blend until batter is smooth. Set aside at room temperature for 20 minutes.

2Combine ricotta and yogurt in a bowl, cover, and refrigerate.

3Heat a 10-inch skillet over medium heat for 2 minutes. Spray skillet with butter spray and pour in 1/4 cup of batter, rotating to coat pan. Cook crepe for 30 seconds or until lightly browned on bottom. Turn crepe over and cook for 15 seconds more. Remove crepe from pan and keep warm. Spray hot skillet with butter spray and make rest of crepes.

4Fill crepes with 3 tablespoons of filling, add a few raspberries, and roll up like a taco. Place crepes on a plate, seam side up. Top with powdered sugar, raspberries and chocolate syrup.

Nutritional Information

No Nutritional Information Available

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