Smoked Salmon And Goat Cheese Quesadillas II

Prep Time:
20 minutes
Cook Time:
10 minutes
4 Dinner Or 16 Appetizer servings

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28 ounce packagesH-E-B smoked salmon,

2cupsshredded queso asadero cheese (6 ounces),

1poblano pepper, seeded,

15.3 ounce packageChavrie® goat cheese,

86-inch flour tortillas,

1cucumber, seeded and diced,

2clovesgarlic, minced,

1/4cupfinely chopped red onion,

1tablespoon eachfinely chopped red and yellow bell pepper,

1tablespoonfresh chopped cilantro,

2teaspoonsolive oil,

1/4teaspoon eachsalt and pepper,


1Shred cheese and set aside. Split poblano pepper and discard seeds and stem. Chop pepper finely.

2Place 1 tablespoon chopped poblano in a small glass bowl. Add salsa ingredients; stir to blend. Set aside.

3Tear or cut salmon into 1-inch pieces. Spread tortillas with goat cheese, evenly divided. Sprinkle remaining chopped poblano and salmon pieces over each of 4 tortillas. Top evenly with shredded cheese and remaining 4 tortillas.

4Spray 2 medium skillets with non-stick cooking spray. Heat skillets over medium-high heat. Using a spatula, place 1 quesadilla in each skillet. Heat 2 to 3 minutes,until cheese just begins to melt and bottom of tortilla is lightly toasted. Carefully turn quesadillas with a spatula. Heat second side 2 to 3 minutes.

5Repeat Step 4 to cook remaining quesadillas. Cut into wedges and serve with cucumber salsa.

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