Sweet Chili-Rubbed Natural Angus Steaks

Prep Time:
10 minutes
Cook Time:
10 minutes
4 servings


4H-E-B Natural Angus Boneless Rib Eye Steaks, cut 1 inch thick,

1tablespoonCentral Market Organics Sugar,

1tablespoonCentral Market Organics Chili Powder,

2teaspoonsCentral Market Organics Black Pepper,

2teaspoonsCentral Market Organics Minced Garlic,



1Combine the sugar, chili powder, black pepper, minced garlic, and salt in a small bowl. Sprinkle rub evenly over both sides of steaks; press to adhere. Chill the steaks 10 to 30 minutes in refrigerator.

2Heat charcoal for 30 minutes, until covered with a light layer of gray ash, or heat gas grill on high for 10 minutes with lid closed.

3Grill steaks over medium heat (375F grill surface temperature) 4 to 7 minutes per side or until internal temperature of steaks reaches 140F for medium-rare doneness. Let steaks rest 2 minutes, then serve

Nutritional Information

No Nutritional Information Available

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