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Roasted New Potato & Bacon Salad
Prep Time:
15 minutes
Cook Time:
20 to 30 minutes
6 - 8 servings

6 -8 slices H-E-B Fully Cooked BaconĀ®

2 - 2 1/2 pounds small red potatoes, size C

1 medium or 1/2 large sweet onion

1 tablespoon minced garlic

1 tablespoon H-E-B Olive Oil

1 teaspoon Alessi Sea Salt

1 teaspoon Morton & Bassett Black Peppercorns, crushed

4 ounces (1 cup) Tillamook Monterey Jack Cheese, shredded

* Dressing:

1/2 cup mayonnaise, regular or reduced fat

1/2 cup H-E-B Sour Cream

1/4 cup Hendrickson'sĀ® Dressing


Cut bacon into 1/2-inch pieces. Wash potatoes; cut into 1/2-inch dice. Toss potatoes and b
acon in a microwave-safe dish. Cover dish with a lid or with plastic wrap folded back at o
ne corner. Microwave on High power 7 to 10 minutes or until potatoes just begin to cook; r
otate dish and stir halfway through cooking time.
Meanwhile, heat oven to 425 degrees F. Chop onion coarsely. Mince garlic.
Remove potatoes from microwave; drizzle with oil and toss to coat. Transfer mixture to a l
arge baking sheet and combine with onion, garlic, salt and pepper. Spread mixture out even
Bake 20 to 30 minutes or to desired doneness; stir potatoes or shake pan occasionally. Rem
ove from oven and set aside.
Shred cheese. Combine dressing ingredients.
Place potato mixture in a large bowl; toss with cheese and dressing. Season to taste. Serv
e warm or at room temperature.

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