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Frozen Fruity Bananas
Prep Time:
15 minutes
Cook Time:
0 minutes
8 servings

4 bananas

8 plastic forks

1 bottle (7.25 oz) chocolate shell topping

2 cups HCF Fruity Gems


Peel and cut each banana into two short pieces.
Stick a fork into the cut end of each banana half.
Place bananas on a plate, cover and freeze for 1-2 hours Pour chocolate shell topping int
o a small bowl and set aside.
Place Fruity Gems cereal in a shallow plate and set aside.
Dip one frozen banana in chocolate shell topping and roll in Fruity Gems cereal until comp
letely covered.
Coat all bananas individually.
Serve immediately or cover with plastic wrap and freeze for later use. Tip: Try making t
his recipe with other HCF cereals such as: Cocoa Crispy Rice or Zany Fruit

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