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Silky Orange Shrimp with Walnuts
Prep Time:
10 minutes
Cook Time:
5 minutes
4 servings

1 lb. medium or large shrimp, peeled & deveined

2 Tbsp. Ottavio Grapeseed Oil

2 Tbsp. Adams Reserve Teriyaki Ginger Sear 'n Crust Rub

1/2 c. Chef Dean Fearing Silky Orange Blossom Sauce

1/4 c. mayonnaise

1/4 c. glazed walnuts


Toss shrimp with oil and Adams Rub in a medium bowl or plastic bag; se
t aside 5 or 10 minutes at room temperature.
Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat 3 minutes. Add shrimp to ho
t skillet; sauté 2 or 3 minutes or until shrimp just begin to c
url and form the letter "C". Add walnuts; cook 1 minute longer and rem
ove skillet from heat.
Blend Silky Orange Blossom Sauce with mayonnaise in a small bowl; toss
with shrimp mixture and serve immediately. Serve in lettuce leaves, a
s a wrap, or serve with steamed white rice.

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