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Chicken Alfredo & Broccoli Dinner
Prep Time:
10 minutes
Cook Time:
15 minutes
4 servings

1 bag (8 oz.) H-E-B French Baguettes Artisan Bread

1 bag (24 oz.) H-E-B Classics Selections Chicken Fetuccini Alfredo Ski
llet Meal For Two

1 bag (12 oz.) H-E-B Broccoli Florets or Asparagus Tips & Pieces

1/2 c. H-E-B Shredded Cheese, your favorite (optional)


Heat oven to 400°F. Line a sheet pan with foil. Bake baguettes ac
cording to package directions and keep warm.
While bread is baking, heat a heavy bottom large skillet over medium h
eat for 3 minutes. Add frozen chicken Alfredo and cook according to pa
ckage directions. While Alfredo is cooking, heat broccoli florets in
microwave according to package directions.
Add cooked broccoli to chicken Alfredo, top with cheese (optional), an
d cook 2 minutes. Serve with baguettes.

Nutritional Information

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