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Best Ever Mashed Potatoes
Prep Time:
10 minutes
Cook Time:
25 minutes
6 servings

1 stick H-E-B Butter

* White pepper & salt to taste

8 Yukon gold potatoes peeled and boiled till tender

1 cup H-E-B Sour Cream

1/2 cup H-E-B Half and Half

1 cup H-E-B shredded sharp cheddar

1 bunch Green onions finely chopped (save a little for garnish)

3 strips H-E-B fully cooked® bacon crumbled


Mash potatoes with an electric hand mixer; add pepper, salt, butter, h
alf & half and sour cream. Mix until well blended and lumps disappear.
Add cheese, green onions and bacon. Mix until well blended. Garnish wi
th green onion tops.Serve with meat of choice and vegetables

Nutritional Information

No Nutritional Information Available


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