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Chicken Pesto Pita Pizzas
Prep Time:
15 minutes
Cook Time:
15 to 20 minutes
4 - 6 servings

1 12 ounce bag frozen H-E-B fully cooked chicken breast fajitas

6 Kronos authentic pita flat breads

2/3 cup regular or reduced fat mayonnaise

2 tablespoons Racconto traditional basil pesto

1 14 ounce can Reese quartered artichoke hearts, drained

1 6 ounce jar H-E-B Harvest Moon sliced mushrooms, drained

1 small red bell pepper, seeds removed

2 cups shredded four cheese pizza blend


Heat oven to 450 degrees. Place 2 oven racks in bottom half of oven.
Remove fajitas from packaging and place in a microwave-safe dish. Heat
on high power until pieces begin to thaw; stir and re-arrange fajitas
in dish as necessary. Pull apart to separate; tear or cut chicken int
o bite-sized pieces.
Meanwhile, line 2 large baking sheets with foil. Lay 3 pita shells on
each baking sheet. Combine mayonnaise with pesto; spread evenly over t
ops of pita bread, about 2 tablespoons on each.
Place chicken, artichoke hearts, and mushrooms over pesto layer. Cut p
epper into thin strips; lay strips over tops of pizzas and sprinkle ev
enly with cheese, 1/3 cup over each pizza.
Bake 15 to 20 minutes, or until cheese melts and begins to brown. Let
stand 2 to 3 minutes, cut into slices and serve

Nutritional Information

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