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Vanilla Ice Cream
Prep Time:
15 minutes
Cook Time:
0 minutes
1 1/2 quarts

2 cups H-E-B half & half regular or fat free

1 can (12 oz.) Hill Country Fare evaporated milk

3/4 cup H-E-B sugar or sugar blend replacement

1/4 teaspoon Morton table salt

1 teaspoon McCormick vanilla extract

1 Electric Ice Cream Freezer

10 pounds Crushed ice

1 box Morton ice cream rock salt


Combine the half and half, evaporated milk, sugar, table salt and vani
lla in the ice cream freezer container.
Follow manufacturer's instructions for making the ice cream using the
crushed ice and Morton Rock Salt. Or fill freezer tub with a mixture o
f one part Morton Rock Salt for Making Ice Cream and 8 parts crushed i
ce to a level above the line of the mixture in the ice cream container
Pack the ice down firmly and allow to set 5 minutes.
For a hand cranked model, turn the crank slowly, increasing the speed
as the mixture begins to freeze. When the ice cream is frozen, the cra
nk will be difficult to turn.
For an electric ice cream maker, the motor will shut off automatically
when the ice cream is frozen.
To harden the ice cream, remove the dasher, seal the container. Drain
off the ice and salt mixture and repack the freezer tub with 3 parts c
rushed ice and 1 part rock salt.
Allow the ice cream to set one hour.

Nutritional Information

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