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Graveyard Gravel Pie
Prep Time:
15 minutes
Cook Time:
0 minutes
12 servings

2 cups H-E-B Mootopia™ whole milk

2 boxes (3.4 oz.) Hill Country Fare instant pistachio pudding

3/4 drops Green food coloring

1 tub (16 oz.) Hill Country Fare dessert topping

1 pkg. (18 oz.) H-E-B 2wisters cookies

1 bag (16 oz.) Nabisco cameo cookies

1 1/2 bag (8 oz.) Hill Country Fare candy corn

1 bag (7.25 oz.) Hill Country Fare gummi worms


Combine cold milk, instant pudding and food coloring in a largebowl an
d mix. Fold into dessert topping.
Fill a glass 9X13 casserole dish with pudding mix.
Crush H-E-B 2wisters Cookies and sprinkle over pudding.
Insert Nabisco Cameo Cookies in rows to resemble headstones.
Decorate with candy corn and gummi worms.

Nutritional Information

No Nutritional Information Available


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