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Goin' Fishin' Cupcakes
Prep Time:
20 minutes
Cook Time:
20 minutes
24 cupcakes

1 package Betty Crocker Supermoist Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix

2 or 3 drops blue food coloring

1 tub Betty Crocker Rich and Creamy Vanilla Ready-to-Spread Frosting

24 cocktail straws

24 pieces dental floss or fishing line, each 3 1/2 inches long

24 Betty Crocker Shark Bites Fruit Snack Shapes (2 to 3 packets)


Make cupcakes as directed on back of cake mix package. Cool completely
Stir food color into frosting with spoon. Frost cupcakes with frosting
; pull up on frosting, using metal spatula, so frosting looks like wav
Cut each straw to make one 3-inch piece. Attach piece of dental floss
to end of each straw, using needle, to look like fishing line. Attach
1 fruit snack shape to other end of each piece of dental floss.
Decorate with Fishing Poles.

Nutritional Information

No Nutritional Information Available