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H-E-B Coupon Policy FAQs

Beginning January 29, 2013, H-E-B will launch a new coupon system in an effort to bring more innovation and efficiency to retail couponing. Our new system will allow H-E-B to incorporate digital couponing in the near future, a feature that is in high demand from our customers. The upgraded system will give H-E-B customers the opportunity to access more coupons than ever before while improving their shopping experience with faster transactions at the checkout counter. In order to implement these upgrades, the newer technology will no longer recognize combined (stacked) coupons on one item.

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Why is H-E-B changing their coupon policy?
  • Digital coupons are one of the most requested features by H-E-B customers, to implement digital couponing in the near future, H-E-B must evolve our coupon policy.
  • H-E-B is upgrading our coupon system to incorporate more innovative technology. This change will allow our customers access to more coupons from a wider variety of companies, expanding their coupon selection to many more products.
  • The new system will also improve customer experience and wait time at the checkout counter.

Can we still combine coupons on one item?
  • Many product vendors will not accept combined coupons, in order to offer an expanded coupon selection, combined (stacked) coupons will not be part of the new program.
  • The upgraded couponing system will no longer recognize combined coupons.

How will this new policy allow additional savings?
  • Digital in the future: H-E-B plans to incorporate digital couponing in the near future, a feature our customers have been requesting. This change in our system is necessary in order to implement digital couponing.
  • Many more coupons: Upgrading our coupon system will give our customers access to a wider variety of product coupon. Due to the removal of coupon stacking, we will now be in line with the coupon policies of many national product vendors.
  • A better experience for our customers: The new system will allow H-E-B checkers to scan coupons faster with less confusion on stacking. This will improve the experience our customers have while paying for their items.