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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about your Valued Partner Perks Card? Take a look at these frequently asked questions. If you still can't find the answers you need, please contact us.

Question: Who is eligible to receive the card?


The card is available to all current full-time, part-time Partners, Retirees and one member of their immediate family residing in the same household.

Question: When are Partners eligible to receive the card?


A Partner becomes eligible to receive the card once they have reached 60 days of employment with H-E-B. The card will arrive in the mail at the Partner's home address within 3 to 4 weeks of the 60-day employment date.

Question: Can other friends and family members use my card?


No. The card is designed for your personal use only and for the immediate family member you identify as the second cardholder.

Question: Can I use my card to purchase products for friends and/or non-immediate family members?


The card is a special benefit of being a valued H-E-B Partner and is intended for your personal use only. Purchases made for later reimbursement by individuals or H-E-B accounts are also prohibited.

Question: Can my child not living with me to use my second card?


Yes. If the child is still considered a dependent, you can identify him or her as your second cardholder. The child's card will still be sent to you at your address.

Question: If I go on a Leave of Absence (LOA), will my card remain active?


Yes. You can still use your card while you are on an approved Leave of Absence or Short-Term Disability.

Question: What happens if a Partner leaves H-E-B?


If a Partner leaves the company for any reason, his or her card will automatically be turned off through a daily update to the Partner Perks database.