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Ciao Italia

Come to H-E-B and experience the tastes of Italy Oct. 2-15. Take a tour of Italy by way of your taste buds. Sample recipes insired by Italian cities such as: Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome and Naples. You can also enjoy 10% off all Italian wines through Oct. 15. Save an extra 10% when you purchase 6 wines or more.

Try our collection of unique Italy inspired recipes:

Que Bella Portabella
Inspired by Milan

Did you Know?
Milan is well known for opera and is
home to the La Scala Opera House, one
of the most prestigious in the world

Espress Oh So Good Tiramisu
Inspired by Venice

Did you Know?
Venice's nickname is the Floating City.
The city is spread out over 118 small
islands and appears to "float" on the waters.

Won't Fuggeda Brushetta
Inspired by Florence

Did you Know?
In 1339, Florence was the first city in Europe to have paved roads.

Inspired by Rome

Did you Know?
Rome has a museum dedicated to pasta! The National Museum of Pasta has eleven exhibition halls and relates eight centuries of pasta history.
Atsa So Easy Scampi
Inspired by Sicily

Did you Know?
At 9,927 square miles, Sicily is the
largest island in the Mediterranean sea!
Mamma Mia Margarita Pizza
Inspired by Naples

Did you Know?
Naples is less than ten miles from Mt Vesuvius — the only volcano to have erupted on the European mainland in the last 100 years.

Meatballs Alla Casa
Inspired by Milan

Did you Know?
The Italian name for Florence is Firenze