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Texas Grapefruit

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How to Section a Texas Grapefruit

Follow these easy directions for sectioning a grapefruit from Texasweet. These native fruits are not only a great snack, but are great additions to any meal. Find 8 Fresh Grapefruit Ideas that the whole family will enjoy.


Step 1 1. Cut off both ends of the fruit.
Step 2 2. Lay the grapefruit on one of the flat sides. Cut away the peel from the top to the bottom along the curvature of the fruit.
Step 3 3. Continue cutting around the grapefruit following the line of the skin. Make sure all the skin is removed.
Step 4 4. Make sure to remove all of this white membrane. It is tart and bitter.
Step 5 5. Run your knife along the membrane and cut down towards the center of the fruit. When you get to the center, rotate your knife and cut upwards towards the outside of the grapefruit.
Step 6 6. The section will pop out. Make sure no dividing membrane is on the section. Keep going until you have the whole entire grapefruit sectioned.

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