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Apple Guide: Snacking or Baking?

We've stocked your H-E-B produce department with crisp apples. Check out this guide to apple flavors and uses. Though each H-E-B produce department carries different varieties, here are some of our favorites.


Snacking apples


Red Delicious Red Delicious: red skinned with white flecks. Enjoy a big, crisp bite of its sweet, juicy flavor.
Pink Lady Pink Lady: pink in color, this apple has a delicious sweet-tart taste and is great for cooking or eating out of hand.
Fuji Fuji: skin is light green with a pale reddish-orange tint. This large firm fruit makes an excellent sweet snack.
Empire Empire: mostly bright red with distinctive stripes. This cross between a Delicious and McIntosh has a crisp, juicy flavor that's also good in pies and sauces.
Jonagold Jonagold: golden with a slight red blush. This flavorful cross between a Jonathan and a Golden Delicious has a crisp, tangy taste.
Royal Gala Royal Gala: creamy yellow skin with pink to reddish stripes. Its distinctively sweet flavor makes a perfect snack.
Braeburn Braeburn: crisp, juicy, full-flavored, this apple has the right blend of sweetness and tartness. Just right for snacks and salads or baked in pies.
Cameo Cameo: firm apple with a unique sweet-tart flavor. Wonderful choice to eat fresh or cook in your favorite recipe.


Baking Apples


Granny Smith Granny Smith: distinctive bright green. Good for pies, cakes, pastries, or eating fresh. Crisp and crunchy with a flavorful, tart taste.
Golden Delicious Golden Delicious: light green to yellowish skin. The semi-firm texture and sweet juicy flavor are perfect for cooking, salads, or eating fresh.
McIntosh McIntosh: blend of red, green, and golden white skin. The crisp, slightly tart flavor is best enjoyed fresh or used in salads, sauces, and pies.
Rome Rome: full red apple that's slightly juicy with a sweet flavor that increases during cooking. Excellent choice for baked apples.

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