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H-E-B Organics

H-E-B Organics

When it comes to helping Texans fill their plates with delicious, organic choices at affordable prices, H-E-B is all about options. So much so in fact, we're introducing our new brand of USDA certified organic products in response to popular demand. From farm fresh produce to organically raised meat, breakfast foods to salty snacks, hundreds of new H-E-B Organics™ choices are available now, with hundreds more scheduled to hit the shelves throughout the year.

You can choose USDA Certified Organic, H-E-B Organics™ with confidence knowing our brand promises:

  • Genetic engineering (GMOs) prohibited
  • Sustainable soil management methods
  • Grown using only organic compliant materials
Shelf Stable
  • Genetic engineering (GMOs) prohibited
  • Grown using only organic compliant materials

Beef, Lamb, Eggs and Dairy
  • Raised on organic feed
  • No added growth hormones or antibiotics
  • Processed in certified organic facility
Poultry and Pork
  • Raised on organic feed
  • No added growth hormones* or antibiotics
  • Processed in certified organic facility
  • *Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in pork and poultry

H-E-B Organics™, our new brand can be found throughout your store—just look for the Organics shelf tag.
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H-E-B Organic™ Beef

H-E-B Organics Beef

H-E-B Organics™ Beef is free of artificial flavoring, coloring or preservatives. Working with select purveyors, we ensure our cattle are raised on grass in organic pastures without added growth hormones or antibiotics. Certified organic, we've got beef you can put on your table with confidence.

H-E-B Organics™ Teas

H-E-B Organics Tea

Ready-to-drink, bottled H-E-B Organics™ Teas come in all your favorite flavors: Tea with Lemonade, Green Tea with Lemonade, Tea with Strawberry Lemonade, and Green Tea with Pomegranate Lemonade. H-E-B Organics™ Teas grown using only organic compliant materials under sustainable soil management methods.

H-E-B Organics™ Salads

H-E-B Organics Salads

H-E-B Organics™ Salads are the perfect base to create a colorful salad. Organically grown without pesticides, triple washed and packed without preservatives, your family can enjoy any of our five fresh varieties: Italian Salad, Hearts of Romaine, Baby Spinach, Herb Blend and Baby Spring Mix.

H-E-B Organics™ Carrots

H-E-B Organics Carrots

H-E-B Organics™ Carrots are a perfect healthy side for lunch boxes, dipping partner with H-E-B Organics™ Salad Dressing and add a nice crunch to a stir fry. Organically grown without pesticides and packed without preservatives, your family will enjoy them in our various shapes and sizes. No matter how you cut it, you'll enjoy the benefits of our organic carrots packed with Vitamin A.

H-E-B Organics™ Café Ole

H-E-B Organics Cafe Ole

H-E-B Organics™ Café Ole Coffees in Breakfast Blend, Special Blend and Sumatra are roasted to perfection and organic certified. So whether you take it dark, with sugar, by the pot or the cup, our coffee is just like you like it, perfect.

H-E-B Organics™ Oatmeal and Cereals

H-E-B Organics Oatmeal and Cereals

A steaming bowl of H-E-B Organics™ Oatmeal is a great way to start your day. Full of fiber, it's also a nutritious addition to your favorite recipes. Our boxed H-E-B Organics Cereals are tasty by the bowl and for making cookies.

H-E-B Organics