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H-E-Buddy Scorecard

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H-E-Buddy Scorecard

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Eat Fresh-N-Fruity with Buddy and Bruce

H-E-Buddy and Bruce know that to be active you need to have the right nutrition to keep you moving at your best. That's why Buddy and Bruce are teaming up to try new fruits and veggies, and they want you to join them! Take part in the Eat Fresh-N-Fruity with Buddy and Bruce Challenge starting April 1st. Expand your tastebuds' horizons with a tangelo, kumquats, carambola or purple carrots! Try one new fruit or vegetable each week for eight weeks, and keep record of your pick with the handy scorecard by either printing one below or picking one up at your local H-E-B. At the end of eight weeks, send in the scorecard to the address below for your certificate of achievement and H-E-Buddy chef's hat!*

H-E-Buddy 2014 Eat Fresh-N-Fruity with Buddy and Bruce Challenge
10530 Sentinel
San Antonio, TX 78217

H-E-Buddy Challenge Scorecard

*Must be postmarked by July 1st, 2014.
The H-E-Buddy Eat Fresh-N-Fruity with H-E-Buddy and Bruce Bowen Challenge is intended solely for children who are residents of Texas and between the ages of 3-12.

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