Texas Girls 18" Dolls

Texas Girl™ Doll

Give your favorite girl a huggable, stylish friend who's ready for adventure.
Each 18" doll comes dressed in an authentic Texas inspired outfit complete with fashionable accessories. The special little Texan in your life will enjoy spending the day with any of our four Texas Girl dolls, designed specifically with her in mind.

Saddle up with the adventurous Rodeo Princess or liven spirits with the peppy Texas Cheer doll. Get ready for a heart-warming celebration with the Quinceañera doll or explore the playground with the Everyday Texas Girl Doll.

Girls will love the care and attention that goes into making a Texas Girl doll, and you'll love the price. You can find Texas Girl dolls at your nearest H-E-B or H-E-B                                                                                         plus!

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